Solid Top is a cooking surface used in professional kitchens and presumably with origins and inspirations from French cuisine. Indeed, it is a well-known fact that using a single cooking surface is an advantage in keeping several dishes warm. Slow and indirect cooking are aided by the use of the solid top because the heat comes from a central gas burner which, thanks to the radiating ribs of the cast iron plate, creates isothermal temperature zones which decrease from the centre outwards. In the electric versions, the surface is divided into four independent zones. In the electric version, unlike in the gas versions, it is possible to control the temperature for each single zone.

The ranges include both the “worktop” and “monobloc” versions which, in turn, can be placed on an oven, an electric oven or on open cabinet; mixed gas versions are also available, i.e. Solid Top plus 2 open side-by-side burners on the right or left of the top, on an open cabinet or oven.

The Advantages

In addition to offering a wide choice of solutions and 2-mm thick tops, with a depth of 90 cm and burners up to 10 kW, this line is also equipped with all the power, robustness and functionality you need to work efficiently.

The signature features of the Queen 9 series are its 900-mm depth, a worktop with a thickness of 20/10, double crown burners and the use of elegant stainless steel with a ScotchBrite finish.

Details that, in addition to offering maximum functionality and visual appeal, also take into account the practical and ergonomic needs of chefs. The full compositional freedom allows you to combine the worktop models with oven bases and neutral elements, including hygienic finishes.

In addition, all the appliances that make up a Queen9 kitchen are certified in compliance with international standards, including CE, GAR, AGA and others.

The front bar is a new design element that boosts the visual impact of the kitchen and offers obvious advantages.

The new knobs offer total protection and guarantee hygiene.

Doors with self-closing hinges and innovative recessed handle.

IPX5 water-protection rating.

Worktop and cabinets made entirely of AISI304.


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