Grilling is a natural cooking method

In 1995, Baron started designing and producing its professional kitchens.

In an incessant labour of aesthetics and technological research, the new Baron designers were committed to enthusiastically translating the needs of those who have made professionalism into an art.

The specific characteristics of the lavastone allow it to recreate the traditional grill cooking with a much more precise temperature control, that is easier to clean and provides the user with greater safety. The grill, in stainless steel in the standard version, but also available in cast iron, has the perfect shape for cooking different types of food (meat, fish, vegetables) and is easy to clean.

Any excess fat flows into a large removable drawer thanks to the inclination and a channel with a drainage hole.

The worktop height can be varied from 840 to 900 mm for the models with a compartment.

The grill can be adjusted in height using the levers located on the sides and allows for different cooking intensities given its ample surface area.

Heating obtained via high-power stainless-steel burners powered and controlled by valves for gradual power adjustment. Piezo-electric ignition.

The temperature can be adjusted up to 350°C.

Thanks to the waterproof certification (IPX5) for the water jets obtained with specific tests, the knobs and area under the knobs can be washed, without compromising functionality and safety.

The Queen 7 line is 700 mm deep and more compact to fit into any location. The counter top models can be combined with oven and neutral bases that can be accessorised and feature hygienic finishes. Customised solutions can be created by placing and securing the devices back to back, perfectly sealed and “flush” on the sides, or with “bridge” structures.

The front bar is a new design element which lifts the visual impact of the stove and offers obvious benefits.


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