The bain-marie is suitable for keeping food at a temperature below 100° and for all delicate cooking methods because the heat is transmitted indirectly through the water.


There are conflicting versions of the invention of the system: some people attribute it to an alchemist in the past, Miriam, sister of Moses and Aaron, others to an alchemist who lived in the Eastern Roman Empire.


One of the advantages of the double boiler is undoubtedly better temperature control which occurs gradually.

What type of food is cooked in a bain-marie?

Bain-maire cooking is ideal for all those types of food which would be ruined by direct contact with heat and so, require slow, controlled cooking. Creams, puddings and soufflé are among some of the most common preparations with this method,

as well as savoury recipes, such as fish, sauces, eggs, chicken and pork, plus all red fatty meats with lots of connective tissue, which need a temperature below 60°.Last but not least, it is used to keep dishes hot and reheat dishes that have been vacuum cooked or cooked in jars.


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